A Spin on the Traditional Christmas Wreath (see what we did there?)

October 30, 2014

Every now and then you get an idea pop into your otherwise preoccupied brain and it just won't go away until you do something about it. This is how it was with our Christmas Vinyl Wreaths.


wreath lifestyle square

  We do love something a bit less ordinary, and the idea of up-cycling an old unloved vinyl album into something cool and fun for Christmas led to our lovely Vinyl wreath. Plus I also used to stick all my picture discs on the wall when I was a teenager so it made me a bit nostalgic too!   You can stick them to your door with a bit of blu tac, or use the handy hole in the middle with a nail or a bit of ribbon. A brilliant addition to your Christmas dec(k)s (see what we did there too?) and perfect for any old school music lover! Betsy Benn xx   wreath lifestyle close up square

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