A Right Royal Knees Up!

May 18, 2018

A Nice Cup of Tea Print

There are many pastimes we enjoy here in the UK, those at the top of the list include queuing, discussing the weather (rain again?), playing croquet on the lawn and drinking tea with scones. However, nothing brings us together as a nation quite as well as a Royal Wedding. Prince Harry, no longer the UK’s most eligible bachelor, is definitely a favourite with the public and we’re excited to follow his new journey with Meghan Markle.  

The couple met in 2016 and since their engagement announcement in November 2017, the whole country has been on tenterhooks to find out more details of the big day itself. The wait is almost over with the wedding being held TOMORROW, Saturday, 19th May 2018, at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle.

The forecast is set to be sunny on their wedding day (an exciting rarity…) and we can’t think of a better excuse to hold a street party in celebration.

We’ve created a collection of top wedding gifts (so unique even a Prince won’t have them):


1. Wedding Date Bus Blind Print

Royal Wedding Gift Date Bus Blind Personalised Print


We’ve combined some of London’s most iconic features – red buses and royalty (let’s be honest, the two go together like jam and cream on a scone).

Our gorgeous bespoke bus blind prints can be personalised to include all the important wedding details such as the date, place, time and of course, the newlyweds’ names!

They make a beautiful and unique wedding gift for the couple to celebrate their special day, capturing those significant memories. 

They’re also a great option as 1st Anniversary Gift (paper), to commemorate your first year of marriage together.



2. Wedding Story Print

Royal Wedding Gift Personalised Story Print


Every couple has a story to tell of how they fell in love. Harry met Meghan on a blind date back in July 2016 and the rest, as they say, is history. The radial ‘wedding story’ print allows you to capture all of those unique moments in their relationship such as when and where they met, details of their engagement, important moments from the wedding day itself and can even include the honeymoon spot.

Create a beautiful personalised piece of art for the wall that has special meaning to the happy couple. A truly unique gift for any wedding.




3. Wedding Silhouette Print

Wedding Silhouette Gift Personalised Print


Our wedding silhouette print is a fantastic way to pick out all the lovely details of the day such as flowers, the veil and the dress but leave out anything unwanted. Is your eye half closed? Is your two-year-old nephew crying in the background? We can remove all that and make a simply stunning reminder of your big day. Poses including kissing and holding hands work beautifully and it’s available in a range of different colours.




4. To Me You Are Perfect Print

Wedding Gift Personalised Perfect Print


Tell your new wife or husband to-be all of the ways they’re perfect to you. You may moan at them for leaving wet towels on the bedroom floor (again), snoring all night long and hogging the duvet but would you really have it any other way?  A wedding is about both of you and the vows you make to one another – there’s nothing more personal than the moment you make your declaration of love to one another. The To Me You Are Perfect print is an ideal gift for your partner on the day of your wedding or when celebrating an anniversary, to always remember the reasons you fell in love.




5. Couples Destination Print

Couples Destination Personalised Wedding Gift Print


Your wedding day: the start of the biggest adventure of your life.

List your names, birth places, favourite holidays, places with special meaning, children's names, where you fell in love, where you have lived- anything is possible. Our couples destination print is a fantastic piece of statement art and an amazing conversation starter.

With 16 lines of text to personalise you can tell your own unique story through the places you have travelled to together.




6. Mr & Mrs Personalised Passport Covers

Personalised Mr & Mrs Passport Covers Wedding Gift


Fun fact: although the Queen doesn’t require a passport, the rest of the royal family have one. We love these personalised Mr & Mrs Passport Covers from our Little Sister Company, Luna Studio Designs. They make a great wedding gift for a couple who are about to start their lifelong adventures together. We're pretty sure Harry and Meghan will have a life filled with adventures around the world. The Passport Covers are fully bespoke and engraved with the newlyweds’ names and the date they got married.

If you know a couple who love to travel these make an ideal gift for their wedding day.


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