The brilliance that is the My Million To One campaign

October 04, 2013

The brilliance that is the My Million To One campaign

Last year we came across the lovely Alana, who had been asked to do something amazing. She was asked to create a forever home for a group of disabled orphans in Africa. To do this she needs to raise ONE MILLION pounds, just once, the interest on it creates a self sustaining fund - read how on her website.

So from you she is asking for just £1, ONCE. And 999,999 great people like you.

The My Million To One campaign began its one year countdown close to midnight, 15th July 2013.

We warmed up with some super hot – much like the weather – events, with people like Richard E Grant, Jason Flemyng, Leon Taylor, Mark Beaumont & 3Run…  These were events designed to help people achieve their own career ambitions & dreams. Then, in two weeks time, the My Million To One website launches and – amidst dozens more events & opportunities – a tidal wave of 100s of exclusive offers became available on a website dedicated to “Bringing your bucket list to life.” It’s a website constructed to help people realise their BIG dreams, goals & ambitions…  From travelling the world, to wreck diving, rock climbing & paragliding: possibly meeting the love of your life on the way and celebrating the perfect wedding using our ‘Love Page’ full of discounts/offers. There’s been no holding back with this project.  From the stunning website graphics to the pure glitz & glamour of everyone volunteering their time, to help aspiring hopefuls follow in their footsteps.

If My Million To One was a woman, she would be busty, bold & beautiful… This is the launch of a brand new charity model: Asking people to pay £1 ONCE to build & run a children’s home FOREVER. The My Million To One Website What else is new about this concept?  This is a mega ambitious charity project – to make £1,000,000 within 1 year – and yet we’re not asking for a single donation… Here’s how it works…

  • You pay £1 ONCE and you make your dreams come true by becoming a member of the My Million To One Club. With your £1 membership…
  • The main website launches in October & here’s where your MMTO membership really comes into its own…
  • On the website you gain access to 100s of exclusive offers from leading UK companies, more free talks, workshops and mentoring opportunities with A-list celebrities and industry leaders, as well as access to unique competitions. 
  • Here’s a very basic look at the website layout/offerings –
  • When a million of you pay £1 each ONCE, the £1,000,000 builds a self sustaining home for a group of disabled children in Africa (children I know very well and have promised to help) never requiring investment again: £1 ONCE

Invest in yourself and leave the rest to us!  By treating yourself to some magical moments, we’re able to build a home for homeless, disabled kids in Africa: A home that will run FOREVER off your £1… Fancy that!

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