Rap Album Personalised Print

e.g. John Ryan
e.g Thug Life 2017
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Make someone a star with these genius personalised album prints in classic rap style. We use your own photograph to create a masterpiece.

For the wannabe rappers in your life - this is the most perfect gift ever.

Using your own photograph, we can create a personalised album artwork print that is reminiscent of the greatest rap vinyl album covers. It makes a unique and fun way of showing off a great photograph and is just the most inspired gift. Top points to you for finding it!

We all love vinyl albums and the artwork from our favourite albums instantly takes us back in time to when that record was brand new and we couldn't wait to get home and play it. Sometimes we love the artwork so much that we hang our favourite albums like artworks on our walls, and this inspired us to create these personalised album cover prints - so we could finally be in the band!

Your print will come ready framed in a black aluminium frame that has been designed to hold actual vinyl album record sleeves, which just adds to the feel that this could have been a real album (maybe in a parallel universe it is!)


Please send a good quality image - the better the photo, the better your print will be. Newer mobile phones take excellent images these days so they are quite often just fine. If you have an old printed out photograph, you can always take a photo of it with your phone and try sending us that if you don't have a scanner handy!

We'll be using a cut out image from the photo you provide and then will work some photoshop magic and wizardry, so choose your image well as once we have done all this tech stuff we can't change to a different image. Head and shoulder shots work best.

Made from:

Our personalised album cover prints are individually designed to your requirements and a giclee print is then created using ultrachromatic professional inks on archival enhanced matte paper.

Our frames are made of aluminium with acrylic glazing.


12" x 12" of course