Utility Denim Artisan Apron

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There's been a quiet revolution happening in the world of aprons. That revolution has a name, and its name is DENIM!

Okay, we're being a bit tongue in cheek I guess, but denim and leather are definitely trends now in the apron arena. And as much as we love baking, cooking and BBQing, we love anything that offers us a stylish way to look good whilst we're doing it, even more! So we designed our own denim aprons to have everything we wanted.

First, we got to choose the thickness and colour of the denim from a sample book of over 500 different types of denim. We went for this dark and moody indigo denim and heavy enough to withstand a few decent splashes but lightweight and flexible so you don't feel constricted by wearing the apron. A constricted chef does not lead to culinary masterpieces!

Then we added a big leather-look pocket, but made from a cruelty free PU instead, and stitched a smaller pocket down the side - very handy for all the tools of the trade. Finally, it’s a small detail, but we wanted to fasten the straps with more than just a line of stitching. We found some gorgeous brass studs to add a touch of industrial chic to the neck and waist straps.

Our artisan utility aprons are the perfect stylish addition to the kitchen, the BBQ or the artist's workbench! Made from hard-wearing denim with a faux leather pocket in front they are both comfortable and practical.

Add a single line of personalisation to the leather-effect pocket to make an extra special gift for any aspiring chef, artist or home-styled barista!

made from:

Our personalised hipster aprons are made from denim and faux leather with brass studs to secure the straps.


82cm from top of bib to bottom of skirt hem. 72cm from side to side. One size fits all adults.