The Best Ever Santa Christmas Sack

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A fabulous new twist on traditional Santa sacks, these bespoke Kraft paper Christmas sacks are fun and completely unique!

Printed in the UK on highly durable paper sacks, our Santa sacks are just the thing for all your Christmas gifts. Choose from two beautiful designs: our personalised North Pole design, and our "re-purposed" Reindeer feed design.

The Christmas sack from the North Pole has a classic alpine Scandinavian design, and postal stamps of assurance from the elf sorting office. It can be personalised with a name and address under the ‘North Pole – caribou delivery’ logo.

The Reindeer feed bag isn’t personalised, but can help to hold those extra gifts under the tree. It’s what the elves have started to use to be more environmentally friendly – once the reindeer have eaten their special elf-assured feed (with added flight supplements), the sacks are used to store presents.

Personalise your North Pole sack with a name and address of your choosing. Feel free to be creative with the address to add your own touch of wit! You can either hand stamp these details on to your sack if you have an alphabet stamper set, or you can use either a black calligraphy or sharpie pen or a correction style white pen also looks really special on the Kraft coloured sack.

These gorgeous tactile bags are designed to bring a little extra magic to Christmas morning, and to the gifts under the tree.

made from:

Durable recycled Kraft liner and either a white or brown Kraft paper outer. Very robust! (well it had to be coming all the way from the North Pole!)


46x10x83cm. A large gussetted sack that will take a decent number of gifts!

Proudly designed and made in the UK. Copyright Betsy Benn Ltd.