Personalised Worthy Wooden Ruler

Betsy Benn

£6.50 GBP

e.g. Your worth is beyond measure

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These wooden rulers are the Betsy Benn answer to our own inner critics. That voice, sometimes quiet and sometimes loud, that tells us we are not enough or not doing enough or should be doing what someone else is doing. It's time to draw a line under imposter syndrome - a very straight line, with a beautiful ruler!

These wooden rulers have the traditional centimetres and inches printed on one side and angle measurements printed on the reverse. We then add your choice of text to one side in either black, red, blue or pink. 

We've suggested some phrases like "Don't measure yourself with someone else's ruler" or "Your worth is beyond measure" (our personal favourite!) but if you have another suggestion that is similar in length then we can do that for you. 

These rulers make a great daily reminder on your desk that comparison is truly the thief of joy, and you are MORE than enough. A superb gift for kids who might be feeling that pressure around exam time, or the creative artisan striving to run a beautiful business.

These wooden rulers measure 30cm or 12"