So, About Your Christmas Gift - free download


A beautiful and free download to give something lovely when your gift is stuck in the post. 

This year we will definitely experience some postal disruption before Christmas. There are strikes - it is a thing! Royal Mail very rarely actually lose any mail, but it could be stuck in the system somewhere right at the moment you want to have your purchase in your hands! 

So, we created this lovely insert for you to pop in a greetings card that will help explain where your gift is.

Featuring our penguin illustrations, but otherwise unbranded, this one sheet has both options on and you can use the one you prefer. Cut and stick an image of the gift you purchased on the second option!

Option One reads:

I found the most perfect pressie for you, but it’s a little delayed. I bought it from a gorgeous, small UK business and I KNOW you will adore it. I’m not even going to give you any clues in case I spoil the surprise. It will be here soon!!!

Option Two reads:

I found the most perfect pressie for you, but it’s a little delayed. Here’s a picture of it, isn’t it brilliant! I bought it from a gorgeous, small UK business and I KNOW you will adore it when it arrives. It will be here soon!!! (isn’t this exciting?)

Even if you didn't buy your gift from us, you can still use this beautiful download!