A different Black Friday way

Betsy Benn Christmas Team
As a small business our Black Friday is going to look a little different.
There's still the option of a little deal (because we all still love deals). You can take 15% off any purchase made between 26th and 28th November. Use the code BF15OFF at checkout.
Alternatively, if you want to join us in doing Black Friday in a more uniquely small business way, then you can use the code BF15NHS and instead of getting a 15% discount, we'll donate 15% of your order value to our local Gloucestershire NHS charities.
Okay, here's the downlow on Black Friday. It was something invented by HUGE retailers to encourage our cousins across the Atlantic to leave their cosy Thanksgiving homes, with all the good food, family, and football, and shop in a frenzy for "bargains" before Christmas. It all starts to feel more like grabbing and consuming, rather than seeing something that makes your heart sing and making a considered purchase .
Now, of course, we all love a deal, but I don't know if we love deals at any cost, and as a small designer maker (with lots of small maker friends) it's impossible to compete with the kinds of deals that the big retailers put out. This is our different Black Friday way. 

Those codes again....
We offer more promotional deals just for our newsletter subscribers as a thank you for letting us drop into their inboxes on a regular basis! The last one was early in November and was 50% off Christmas decorations for one day only. If you missed that, and want in on any future subscriber only promos then you can sign up to our newsletter down below.