Add a bit of lockdown humour to your porch with our twist on a Boris statement. Invite your guests to come in, or not to come in, respecting the sanctity of The Bubble! 

The full text reads:

Come in. Don't come in. Sit outside and sunbathe in your bubble. Go to work. Don't go to work. Work in your bubble outside, sunbathe at work, but come in. Stay two metres apart in your bubble. Don't come in anyone else's bubble. Come in. Don't come in. Drink champagne in the garden. Exercise in your work bubble. With or without champagne. And don't let Carole Baskin anywhere near your zoo.


made from:

This humorous lockdown doormat is made from natural coir, a by-product of the coconut industry. The mat is backed with black PVC


The internal doormat measures 40x70x1.5cm