Family Tree Rings Personalised Paper Cut

$51.00 USD

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Capture all the members of your family tree on the rings of this intricate paper cut. A wonderful and stylish update to your home or a beautiful gift!

Our gorgeous personalised family tree paper cut is an alternative family tree design based on the circles in the trunk of a tree. The inner circles are slightly thicker so that they can accommodate the names of all your family members. The outer circles start to get thinner and become more spiderweb-like and delicate until finally there is a layer of "bark".

We love that we can create a tree out paper that has been made out of a tree. It has a completeness about it.

Who would love this family tree papercut?

Personalise this design with your family’s names for a unique piece of art that celebrates each individual in your family.

This personalised alternative family tree makes a great gift for friends and family members, too. Give it as an anniversary gift for your parents, and include all their grandchildren. Or commission one for a family that are welcoming a new baby into their home!  

made from:

Our unique family tree is supplied as an unframed A3 paper cut and you can choose from a variety of colours.

the Betsy Benn team:

Betsy Benn is a design studio based in Cheltenham, where we make thoughtful gifts that are just right for your loved ones. Our female-led team aims to change the world through smart and unique design, sustainable materials, and giving back to the communities we live and work in.