Bespoke Literature Velvet Cushion Wrap Gift - case study

Something that isn't just another directors chair

Jane Austen Velvet Cushion Wrap Gift

It's a wrap! To celebrate the end of filming, gifts are often given, and apparently that gift is quite often a director's chair with the person's name on. Lovely, but maybe a little predictable, and if you've been acting for a while then I wonder how many chairs you have? This was the brief when we were approached by a production company at the end of the filming of Emma, the Jane Austen classic.

 There are so many works of fiction that we can engrave on the cushions

We're experts at engraving into velvet to create something really rather splendid. There's something so textural and satisfying to the touch with our laser engraved cushions, and our classic literature cushions have thrilled every recipient. It's just such a unique and new way to appreciate a much loved text. 
So, rather than something to sit ON, we suggested something to sit WITH and read. 

It's the gift of the decade. I've never seen anything like it and I love it.  

With just the opening paragraphs engraved, these luxurious velvet cushions become introductions to a great script, much loved talking points in the home, and are used every day. We take our creative responsibilities seriously and we want to send things out into the world that we know will be loved and used for a lifetime.
You can choose the part of the script of text that is replicated. We can even do different scenes for different cast members to make it more meaningful for the individual.
Send these cushions out with some gourmet popcorn and an invitation to the screening.


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