Printed and Laser-cut Bookmark for a Book Launch - case study

A printed bookmark featuring a quote from A Christmas Carol, in front of related gifts that form a crate for a book launch.

Sustainable and beautifully on brand - just two of the things this client loved about their printed and laser-cut bookmarks when launching their new book crate. Bookishly specialise in creating gift boxes around a classic novel and have quite specific requirements about the kinds of gifts to include in each launch.
All the products need to be sustainable, in keeping with their brand ethos, and unique to them - it's part of what make the book crate so desirable to their subscribers. Short runs are essential as the crates are limited editions; once they're gone they're gone!

  We love working with Betsy and her team to create beautiful items with a fast turnaround.

"We love working with Betsy and her team to create items for the Bookishly Classic Book Crate. They have the expertise we need to get the most out of their equipment and together we've come up with some beautiful things with a really fast turnaround."
We also love working with Bookishly! Each piece normally starts with a conversation around "would this be possible..." and ends with a beautiful unique commission. What would you create?  


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