Corporate Gifts with a Betsy Twist

Looking for innovative and exciting gifts for your company?

We help businesses and organisations like yours to celebrate events and promote launches with a unique selection of bespoke and meaningful gifts.
When you want to thank your employees, delight top customers or celebrate success, our corporate gift service enables you to make an impact in the way that’s right for your brand. All gifts are made and packed in our studio in Cheltenham.


Before launching Betsy Benn in 2010, I worked for over a decade in event management. I know from personal experience just how tricky it can be to source an exciting gift that would be truly valued and bring it in under budget! That’s the Holy Grail, right?


 You’ll not find any branded pens, stress toys, travel mugs, or golf umbrellas here


Instead, we’ve taken our years of knowledge from the personalised gifting sector and applied it to corporate gifting. We understand what individuals genuinely cherish and how to bring that to an organisation at a great price. In need of some inspiration? Check out the case studies below. 
The literature cushion for an end of filming wrap gift New York Adventure gift set for a travel company
Printed and laser cut bookmark for a book launch Small wooden stars engraved with positive words, are strung with navy satin ribbon. A bunch are hanging from a hand.


 Ready to get creative?


Our expert team will help you choose the perfect gifts for your needs, providing a cost-effective and convenient way to cater for your group, big or small. And we love a challenge, so whatever you’re working on, drop us a line and let’s create something magical together.

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