In The Studio - Open space for creative workshops

creative workshop cheltenham studio space for hire

Are you a creative? Do you need space to run a creative workshop?

We are exceptionally lucky at Betsy Benn to have a big and bright studio. 

We moved to our new studio premises in August 2018 and filled it with everything from our smaller studio and then ran around like happy elves not knowing what to do with all the space and the light! At some point the realisation hit Betsy that we could absolutely open up our studio to other creative folk and see what they can do with it. Apart from anything else, it's just fun to hang out with other creatives!

So, we are in the process of building a very exciting and very cool 'Make Hub' which will allow creative folks to use our machines on an ad hoc or more frequent basis, open up some hot desking space for anyone that wants to drop in and get some work done in an inspirational environment, and even provide some monthyl let desks for more regular use. 

While we're doing all of that, we also realised that another big area of the studio is perfect for creative workshops. You can do pretty much anything in our space, as long as you clean up after yourself, be it needle-felting, calligraphy, wreath making, paper cutting, life drawing, Christmas card making, literally anything that you can think of. You provide the tools and the teaching, we provide the space and the car parking with optional catering.

If you'd like to find out more about rates and availability, please email