Positive Word Stars Mentor Gift - case study


Handful of wooden stars with words of positivity engraved on them. Each star is strung with navy ribbon.

Sometimes the smallest gifts carry the most meaning.
Business mentor, Jenny Pace, gathers a select group of creative women each year in her Better Business Collective. She wanted a token gift for each member that would represent a key part of their journey. As stars are an integral part of the branding of the Collective, we created these positive word stars.

 Word stars give as gifts and being shown up by recipients

Made from the most beautiful cedar wood, each star is engraved with a different word or mantra. We sourced a navy satin ribbon to match the brand colours perfectly. 
Jenny says:
"The wonderful team at Betsy Benn have made special gifts for my clients for several years. This January, we made dozens of custom word stars to send out to clients as surprise gifts, and I couldn't wish for better service or final product! The attention to detail was brilliant, from text length to ribbon colour, and everything arrived even earlier than I anticipated. I'll definitely be working with Betsy Benn again."

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