Biscuit Dunkability Mug

$21.00 USD


Tea and biscuits are made for each other, but it's an art form to guess how much tea can be soaked up by each biscuit if you're in the dunking mood.

So, one chilly autumn afternoon I decided to embark on a scientific test using the contents of my biscuit tin and my stopwatch. The result is the colourful, stripey Dunkability mug.

Each colourful stripe represents a popular variety of biscuit scientifically put to the test in my kitchen where I recorded the results of my experiments in a super clever bar chart style measuring exactly how long you can dunk before total molecular breakdown!

A perfect gift for anyone who loves to dunk their biscuits! 

made from:

Our biscuit lovers mug is made in England from fine bone china. Of course, you can make your cuppa out of anything you like - tea, coffee, hot chocolate, - all perfect candidates for biscuit dunking.


Measurements are approx 8cm wide and 9cm high with 350ml capacity - that's a decent cup of tea!