Frenchie Personalised Dog Christmas Tree Decoration

$15.00 USD

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Is there anything as adorable as a Frenchie? Possibly a personalised Christmas decoration with a picture of a Frenchie on it! Our colourful French Bulldog Christmas tree bauble makes the perfect gift for any Frenchie owner - they may love it as much as they love their dog.

Quirky, playful, and full of energy, the French Bulldog is the epitome of a small dog with a big personality. It's only right then to celebrate that big personality with a decoration as quirky as they are. 

Painted by Betsy, we love this cute illustration of a white and brindle Frenchie. We can just imagine that cute face getting stuck into the Christmas turkey, or pinching one of your gingerbread biscuits and giving you those adorable puppy eyes for instant forgiveness.

Made from

We've found a great and sustainably sourced poplar ply for this personalised bauble from some wonderful timber merchants practically on our doorstep. It means we can keep our carbon footprint low which is really important to us. The pet decoration is finished with some white satin ribbon, ready to hang on your tree.


This beagle personalised tree decoration measures 9cm x 9cm approx

the Betsy Benn team:

Tucked away in beautiful Cheltenham, the team at Betsy Benn is made up of four creative women, all mums, and all pet mums, too. We love nothing more than turning your unique stories into unusual gifts and artwork that you can treasure forever. Oh, and cake. We also love cake.