Lupus Wolf Constellation Wooden Christmas Decoration

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A very special Christmas decoration featuring the constellation of Lupus the Wolf. Made in the UK from cherry wood.

Scandinavian influences are everywhere in interiors at the moment. The classic and timeless feel of pared back neutral colours and simple, natural accessories mean it's a trend that is likely to stand the test of the time. We can trace this current resurgence back to the 1950s! The current colour pallet of the Scandinavian trend includes greys, midnight blues, lots of white and a hint of red and these are teamed with light and warm bare wood to give a real sense of bringing nature into the home. Of course, all of this just sings Christmas, especially when we literally bring nature into our home in the form of a Christmas tree.

Our constellation-themed Christmas baubles take inspiration from the night skies, with beautifully engraved constellations on their corresponding animal shapes. The collection includes Cetus the Whale, Monocerus the Unicorn, Cygnus the Swan, and Lupus the Wolf.

Lupus, the Latin name for wolf, is a constellation located in the deep Southern Sky and consists of nine main stars. Engraved on beautiful cherry wood and strung with white ribbon, the wolf constellation makes a gorgeous Christmas ornament decoration

A perfect addition to your collection of ornaments and decorations, if you are looking for something beautiful and unusual this Christmas, this ticks all the boxes. Lupus makes a great gift for a budding astronomer too - challenge them to find Lupus next time they explore the night skies.

made from:

We've sourced an amazing cherry wood in the UK for this special Christmas tree decoration. It's finished with a satin white ribbon for hanging.


Our Lupus the wolf Christmas tree decoration measures approximately 10cm x 10cm

the Betsy Benn team:

Tucked away in beautiful Cheltenham, the team at Betsy Benn is made up of four creative women, all mums, and all pet mums, too. We love nothing more than turning your unique stories into unusual gifts and artwork that you can treasure forever. Oh, and cake. We also love cake.