All About The Dads - The Hunt for The Best Ever Fathers Day Gift

June 07, 2017

Family silhouette print. Modern family photograph reinterpreted for Fathers Day

Everyone has something to say about the Dad in their family– his amazing burger grilling skills – his slightly dodgy musical tastes – his love of travelling and of course his love for his kids.

Boy can they be infuriating to buy for though! Sometimes they are a bit guilty of the “when they want it they just buy it” syndrome, which is fantastic for that sense of achievement, but doesn’t help us when compiling a list of things we could surprise them with. Other times, they simply state “Oh I don’t want anything darling, your love is enough”. Yeah, right. We believe Mum when she says it too, but she still gets a little something on Mothers Day!

Or they’ve got to a certain experienced point in life where they want exactly what they want and anything else is nice, but not lovely. My husband is a prime example of this. He likes one particular coffee supplier in Scotland (The Bean Shop), dark chocolate but only REALLY GOOD dark chocolate, and just a small smattering of very clever American fiction writers. So we know awkward!

If you have a difficult to buy for Dad in your life, then your worries are over! We have the gift solutions you will need to tick all their funny shaped boxes.

For the Rockstar Dad

If your Dad likes his music then we have you covered. Our Personalised Cassette Playlist Print can be personalised with up to 16 of his favourite tracks and has a very cool retro flavour. So whether it’s his favourite driving playlist, or the songs he’s passed on to you that you love just as much now, this will have him rocking in approval.

  red personalised retro cassette playlist 

Or if he has just one AMAZING song that he always hums along to, or can’t resist turning up on the radio in the car, then what about our song quote print? We took inspiration from some classic 80s rap, but you can have any song lyrics you choose. They look great in classic black, but if your Pops (see what I did there - pop music? Sorry!) prefers a splash of colour on the walls then we have a great range of background colours to choose from.

 personalised song lyric print, black and white, rap wisdom from the 1980s     

For the Explorer Dad

Is your Dad’s favourite book his passport? A good friend of ours quite often only knows what country her Dad is in from his Facebook status updates! If exploring and travelling are the thing that lights your Dad’s fire, then he’ll love our worldly gifts.

To capture memories of an amazing place that could be across the other side of the world, or just a few towns away, our amazing abstract map prints are big winners. 

What can we tell you about these awesome personalised maps? Well, we have two versions for a start; a metallic map engraving in gold, copper or silver and a fun and fresh printed version in a selection of colour ways. 

And you can choose whether you want your bespoke map to focus on a small, neighbourhood sized area, or zoom out to look at a larger city or conurbation. So if they have always lived and lived it up in one town, you can celebrate the geographical centre of his world.  

 metallic engraved map print personalised to your town    

For the Hero Dad

But if you really want to tug at the heart strings, we have something a little special up our sleeve. Our family silhouette prints are based on your own photographs of Dad and his mini. We put a thoroughly modern spin on the humble photographic snap and make a piece of modern art that will be loved for many a year. These are exceptional gifts for new Dads and Dads with youngsters - because quite simply the kids are super cute! 

Have a look at the process with this photo to silhouette print transformation. We remove the distracting backgrounds and pick out just the two figures in contrasting colours. Sometimes there will be a small detail such as a hat or hair bow that folks want to include and we can do that too!

personalised portrait silhouette print made from your original photograph

The result is a timeless print that will be loved for a lifetime (and conveniently hides the chocolate smeared face or the curse of the blink at shutter moment!)

So, you see, whoever your Dad is - we have him covered!

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