Fifty years on planet Earth is a significant milestone and requires a gift of equal significance. It could be full of fun, full of meaning, or full of love, but it needs to be full of the spirit of the 50 year old in your life! it is quite possibly, the mid-point of our existence! A moment to pause and reflect on where you've been in your first fifty years before you launch into the second half of your century. It’s a good job we’ve got some brilliant 50th birthday ideas here for you, all made from our studio in Cheltenham.

Our collection of 50th birthday gifts are perfectly curated to help tell the story of a life so far. Celebrate the places explored, the music that has been loved, the friendships, relationships, and lives created in the last 50 years. Our 50th Birthday Bus Blind print is very popular, featuring the phrase “50 years in service”, a truly iconic and stylish birthday gift. A cosy gift that celebrates the year you were born, is this “Made In” Year Velvet Cushion. Make people do the maths to work out your age!