Where are you?

We are exceptionally lucky to have gorgeous offices and a design studio right in the centre of Cheltenham. You’ll find us at:

13 Royal Crescent, Cheltenham, GL503DA

Can I see a proof of my personalised design?

With the exception of our playlist prints, all of our personalised prints have a proofing stage. This is your opportunity to check your spelling and the layout we have suggested. Please take your time and read everything thoroughly, at least twice! We don’t charge you for a reasonable amount of changes, but if we end up having to completely redesign the item, we’ll advise you if we can’t do that within the original price.

Can I get a duplicate print?

Of course! A straight duplicate print involves no additional artwork, so we’re happy to do that for you at a reduced price. Just ask.

I love my print, but I’ve made a mistake! Can I get a reprint?

Yes, this can happen sometimes as our very clever brains see what they think they should see and not what is actually there. We keep all our old artwork files for at least a year in the archive and we can make minor changes and issue a reprint for much less than the cost of a whole new print. Send the lovely Catherine a quick email at catherine@betsybenn.co.uk

I’ve ordered an unframed print, do I have to get it framed?

At some point, yes. The print is not a poster, but is a fine art Giclee style print. The surface of your print is susceptible to damage and scratches and the edges of the print will curl if displayed like a poster.

Our A2 and A3 prints are printed on cut sheet A2 or A3 paper. The A2 size print is printed on a sheet of A2 paper, but with the white border around, it is slightly smaller. Stores such as Habitat and Ikea stock frames which are big enough to hold your print, but you will need to visit your local framer and ask him to cut a mountboard for you to marry the frame and print together as the supplied mount will not be the right size!

Our thin destination print is a bespoke size to us and you will either need to get a frame from us (some slight seconds frames are occasionally available) or order your own bespoke frame.

I need my things quickly, can you help?

Well we can try! We don’t want to rush the artwork stage, but if you need something for a specific date, be sure and let us know so that we can try and achieve that for you. A few items already have express next day delivery as an option.

Do you do vouchers?

Yes we do! 


All of our prints are designed and made to last a lifetime.

The combination of professional papers and inks and stringent graphic workflow ensure lightfast ratings for our media of typically over 150 years. We typically use Hahnemühle and Epson Professional papers depending on the finish required. We use the latest professional large format printer available using 11 colour Ultra-Chrome HDR Inks.

Prints are printed with a substantial white border around them. This allows for easier and cleaner handling when unwrapping and when framing, which we highly recommend to preserve the quality of your print.

Please note that my prints are not posters. They are professional grade fine art giclee prints that will damage and mark if not handled correctly for which I cannot be responsible. 

Environmental Policy

We run a business and have to use energy. We tried getting Willow dog to run on a treadmill to power the lights, but she kept disappearing to go and bury bones.

There are however a number of actions that I have taken to minimise my impact on the environment.

We own a hybrid car which reduces our carbon emissions.

We try to use local professionals for our services to minimise travel and support the local economy. We like our suppliers to have a good green policy too and tend to nag them a bit if they don’t.

We courier our framed prints in custom-made, recyclable double wall cardboard boxes to minimise damage and ensure happy customers. We post unframed prints in recyclable cardboard tubes. They make excellent impromptu toy car ramps, or play swords for a quick game of pirates.