Capture Mothers Day With A Personalised Gift

March 06, 2019

mothers day

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and as it’s a day of honouring your mother, it should be done perfectly. Before we get started on spreading inspiration for gifts on this occasion, you should probably mark down that it’s Sunday 31st March you need to be prepared for. Got it? Fabulous.

Brief History Of Mother’s Day

Otherwise known as Mothering Sunday, it goes back as early as the ancient Greek times. The ancient Greeks dedicated an annual festival to maternal goddesses and ancient Romans also joined in on the celebration by having their own festival called Hilaria.

In the UK, this day is always the 4th Sunday of lent – the 24 hours marks the maternal bond that exists between a mother and a child. This also does apply to other maternal figures, such as grandmothers, step mothers and mothers in law. Now, although hosting your very own festival for your mother would be absolutely spectacular, it would take quite a lot of work – personalised gifts however, not so much!

More than 30% of us in the UK say that our Mum is the most inspirational person in our life. We know many mums receive the more traditional gifts such as flowers, chocolates, breakfast in bed and a card, but let’s be a bit creative this year, shall we?

There’s nothing quite like gifts that show someone just how much you know them, whether it relates to one of their passions, love of music or even treasured memories. These can all be captured in innovative ways that last for years (because let’s face it, the box of Milk Tray chocolates won’t last long).

It’s the perfect opportunity to show the mother of the family just how much you appreciate and adore her, and it’s our pleasure to guide you on your gift giving journey. This way…..

Personalised Mother’s Day Gifts – Our Top 5

#1 Child Silhouette Modern Art Print

A personalised print is just one way of being able to capture something that you feel deserves to be framed and mounted on the wall. For Mother’s Day, our child silhouette modern art print can be created from your very own photograph. It is custom designed especially for you, so whatever image you have in mind it can be illustrated in a way that is captivating and sentimental to you and your mother.

You can also add your own personal message to make it a Mother’s Day to remember.

personalised child silhouette gift

#2 Velvet Personalised Map Cushion

It’s no surprise that velvet has captured the hearts of many of us within the last few years, with it’s soft and luxurious touch we just can’t say no to a quick stroke! We have, however, created the perfect velvet personalised map cushion where you can choose a favourite location and map. The intricate detail of this can bring back memories and nostalgia and it’s one to treasure throughout the home.

Are you looking to bring your mother back to her favourite place of all time with the personalised velvet cushion? Or maybe you’re hoping to capture a particular place where you both made memories that brings you nothing but happiness. In addition to your own custom map you can add a line of text to make this extra personal. One of our favourite lines we’ve seen lately is “Home is where your Mum is.” This gift is ideal for those who can’t get enough delicious velvet on their sofa.

velvet personalised map cushion

#3 Mummy and Me Photo Memories

Photographs are a snapshot of our memories and spark all sorts of joy and warmth as you remember the day, the scenario and the best moments you had together. Collate your favourite photographs of your most loved times with Mum in this gorgeous Mummy and Me personalised print. Mother’s are quite often the ones behind the camera, so if you can find any of her in front of the camera then that’s even more special!

Fill this personalised memory print for your Mum with your own family images, photos of places you have visited together and some occasional round pops of colour. A gorgeous and sentimental piece for your mother’s walls. Please note we cannot be held responsible for any “Mum tears” when she unwraps it but we will totally claim some of the glory when you reinforce favourite child status!

mummy and me personalised gift

#4 Family Tree Paper Cut

An art piece for the whole family! If your Mum would love a statement design that celebrates her favourite people on the planet, this could just be the icing on the cake for them this Mother’s Day.

The personalised family tree paper cut is a creative family tree design based on the circles in the trunk of a tree. Betsy spent an eternity (okay – actually about a month) hand drawing the rings of this tree to create a spin on the usual family tree design. It is incredibly intricate and is precision cut by our super whizzy laser. You can customise this with the names of family members (people and pets too!) and choose from a range of divine colours. Mum’s going to love it.

family tree paper cut gift

#5 Leather Artisan Apron

The gift made for the chefs who just might be the next Jamie Oliver and the bakers who could maybe give Mary Berry a run for her money. The denim faux leather artisan apron provides practicality and the opportunity for personalisation, which is great if you enjoy funny one liners that you know will make your mum laugh, or potentially an inside joke that only the two of you understand.

This apron can be used in the kitchen to cook some magic up, or in the garden where you put your skills from Alan Titchmarsh to good use, or even an artists studio if you’re looking to get your paint game on.

You can add up to 4 lines on the front pocket of the apron, so we suggest you get your thinking cap on for Mother’s Day. You can always take inspiration from the one in the image below – “Greta’s first rule of cooking, add red wine, to the food or the glass, either works”.

leather artisan apron gift

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