Finding Something Magical for Your New Magical Adopted Family

October 12, 2017

Finding Something Magical for Your New Magical Adopted Family

You may have stumbled across it already, but in case you didn't know, the tagline for our business at Betsy Benn is A Design For Every Story. 

We thought for a really long time about that (possibly too long, but it was a great excuse to sit down with yet another cup of tea and slice of cake).

We wanted to capture the essence of our personalised prints in a way that related to our amazing customers and why they buy things from us that are so personal. Looking at our range and the way people have used all sorts of our products in their live, from wedding proposals in print, to memory boards, to big anniversary gifts and thoughts on why their Dad is the funniest man alive, we reflected that everything we do is telling a part of someone's story. The intricate and the beautiful, the great and the good, sometimes the sad and downright heartbreaking - but all parts of their unique story. And all, ultimately, about love.

This ethos carried through into our Christmas decorations as best we could manage. So your Christmas tags for example can come from Santa or from Father Christmas, because every family is different and incorporates the magic of this guardian of childhood in different ways. We hoped we'd covered most bases. Each letter was individually addressed to each child and there were even different shades of woods so you could choose one that matched your Christmas scheme.

Then a Mum got in touch with us and shared the unique story of her family. She had a 14 month old son, who was clearly not celebrating his first ever Christmas on the planet, but this would be the first Christmas since the adoption went through and so his first Christmas home with his forever Mummy. They wanted to mark the occasion in some way and enquired if we could create our Baby's First Christmas Telegram from Santa with some adapted wording to make it work for their story.

Of course we said yes! A design for every story, right? Not just the ones that we can imagine - but the ones that you gorgeous lot tell us about. And it didn't even need much editing, just two small changes, but changes that meant the world to this new family. 

adopted baby's first Christmas ornament         

In the round post mark at the top of the decoration we cahnged the wording from "Baby's First Christmas" to "First Christmas Together". And in the body of the letter we changed "Welcome to your very first Christmas" to "Welcome to your very first Christmas together."

For our first special customer, we added a little bit to that line so that it said "Welcome to your very first Christmas home with Mummy." And she was so pleased with it that she shared a photograph with her Facebook network of other families who have recently adopted or are going through the process, and we quickly picked up another eight orders! This is the beauty and the magic of individual customers working with small independent businesses, we can create something amazing together. 

We love that we have been able to create something that really works for these families stories - I'm already projecting forwards to the day when those children can read their first letters from Santa on their very special decorations, and the conversations they will have with their Mummies and Daddies, marvelling at how amazing Father Christmas is, that he knew all about the first Christmas they spent with their forever families. That's Christmas magic right there. We did that.

father Christmas in the chimney, delivering gifts

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