Finding The Best Wedding Gift for Him (Hint - it's not you, even though you are AMAZING!)

July 28, 2017

Finding The Best Wedding Gift for Him (Hint - it's not you, even though you are AMAZING!)

So you need ideas for a wedding gift for your husband? For him? For that certain gentleman with impeccable taste who already chose you to spend the rest of his life with? I’m pretty sure we can help with this.

It’s often said men can be tricky to buy for even in the most everyday of shopping experiences, but this isn’t just any man. This is the main man, the love of your life and he needs something stunning and beautiful and full of love and something that he will love and find stunning. Well, luckily for you, you haven’t popped by to just any store. This is the main store, the store that can bring you something stunning and beautiful that we just know your husband will love. Why? Because you are going to choose it for him, and we already know you have exquisite taste because you chose him to spend the rest of your life with.

This isn’t going to be difficult AT ALL. This is a brilliant opportunity to get a bespoke artwork on your walls that suits his more masculine tastes, but also hits all the right buttons for you because they are so stylish. And of course, exceptionally meaningful without being twee.

Let’s begin with a few questions:

Where Did You Meet?

It’s that age old question, and one you’re going to be asked quite a bit, pretty much for the rest of your life by every new friend! You’ll refine the story with each telling, but the one thing that won’t ever change is the geographical location of where you first laid eyes upon each other.

Maybe it was at University and the campus and halls hold some great memories for you both. Perhaps it was at a train station after first emailing and calling each other for what felt like ages before finally agreeing to meet.

Wherever your story began, our beautiful map prints are perfect to remember that momentous location. A personalised wedding gift that he is bound to adore and remind him of the moment he fell in love. We have both printed and metallic maps, but generally the metallic maps are the ones that draw the most admiring looks and gasps of “that’s amazing, how do you make that!?”

Our metallic maps are not simply foiled onto card stock like many shiny prints these days. We actually engrave them with our high precision laser into a metallic surface that is either gold, silver, copper or bronze. We take out all the street and place names so we’re left with a network of just roads, rivers and train lines. Each feature of the map has a slightly different level of engraving, so if a road goes over a river, you’ll see that, giving it a textured depth that flat foiling can’t achieve.

Incidentally, if the place you met was at his mate Dave’s house, or just not very inspiring, these map prints also work brilliantly for the location of the proposal, wedding or honeymoon!

What’s Your Special Song?

We all have at least one special song with our other half that reminds us of them. Maybe you walked into a room singing it and he was mesmerised “who is that girl!” Or it could have been THE love song of the year that you started dating. This might even be the song that you are going to walk down the aisle to, or share your first dance to. So now you have the song in your head, what’s the best line? Is it a line from the chorus (all you need is love!) or a snippet from the second verse maybe. It will probably relate to your romance in some way or another, so is the perfect snippet for our Song Lyrics Personalised Print. A simple design featuring a coloured circle, which is very reminiscent of a vinyl record when in black, and a block font text for your choice of song lyrics. The emotion comes through from your chosen words and the design appeals to all.

Or maybe you have more than one special song and couldn’t possibly just choose one to characterise your relationship. You need a whole playlist!

We have you covered here too and these are especially popular as both wedding and first anniversary gifts for men. The simple black and white nature of the design and our textured, aged cassette tape images go extremely well together. And with 16 tapes to personalise you can create a print that captures the soundtrack of your very own RomCom.


Has It Been a Bit of a Journey?

Some of the best stories have had many twists and turns and seen lots of locations before reaching that happy place of finally being together! It’s okay. These are the stories that will make your friends laugh and you’ll be telling your grandchildren one day (okay, maybe not ALL the details for the little ones!) For the story of your romance, the personalised destination bus blind is perfect.

Based on the original London Transport Routemaster bus blinds, these classic prints have longevity and style written all over them. There are sixteen lines for you to personalise with any of the relevant places, memories, holiday locations, streets you have lived, times you had to spend apart, favourite restaurants, people’s names – anything really. Each line becomes a “stop” or destination in the bus journey of your adventures together! We have lots of examples on our website for inspiration.

These are excellent wedding (and anniversary) gifts for the men folk in our lives. All the destination prints are available in a range of colours, but classic black and charcoal are by far the most popular. And in one smooth hit, they are both slightly retro with a cool London Underground vibe (we use the original Johnston font designed specifically for London Transport) but also extremely current with clean unfussy lines and tightly justified text. Your partner will love it for both the design aesthetics, but also for the sentiment behind each line and the thought you have put into capturing your story.


Does He Make You Laugh?

Humour is essential in a great marriage. What was the funniest thing he ever said to you? Or what was the thing he said that suddenly lit up your lightbulb and you realised this was it, forever? With our personalised quotation prints you can go for some offbeat humour and capture him at his best!

Designed as part of our bus blind range and using the same luscious fonts, these prints are presented in a landscape format. There’s a wide variety of background colours to choose from so you can pick a room in the house that it will sit best in before you order

I think our work here is done, but if you want to take a look at our whole collection, just in case there’s something even more splendid, then we have a whole host of prints that would make perfect gifts for him on your wedding day. And, no, even though YOU are the best thing he is getting on that day, you don’t get to use that as your gift!

Happy nuptials!

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