Our Best Ever Baby's First Christmas Decoration (and how we keep the magic alive)

September 18, 2017

Baby's First Christmas Decoration

You can be a total Christmas lover at any age, even as a forty-something ever so slightly obsessed with gingerbread houses and straight to video Christmas movies, but even I have to admit that the ultimate magic of Christmas is just for the children.

There’s just something about the sparkle in their eyes when “Santa’s been” that whizzes us back in time, to our own childhoods when we felt that rush of excitement, and it makes it real for us all over again. Even if just for a moment.

And maybe that’s why we put so much thought and energy into making it special for our own children, now that we are officially Santa’s helpers. We help deliver the magic, so we can feel it again and rejoice in seeing our children totally and utterly in its thrall.

Well, that right there could explain why I do the job I do. I’m one of Father Christmas’ official elves for thousands of children every year. I get to take part in creating the magic. Because of what we do, that grin on Christmas morning is a tiny bit wider, and the magic of Christmas lasts just a few precious moments longer. Can I here and now tell you how awesome that is!

So what magic do we make?

We set up the backstory. We make history.

Our unique Baby’s First Christmas wooden tag decoration is the first letter your child ever receives from Father Christmas. Here, the big guy in red, welcomes them to their very first Christmas after being informed of their arrival by no less than the Man in the Moon.

Santa lets them know that he’ll check in on them from time to time, and invites them to write to him when they are big enough to write, because he loves receiving letters you know.

The letter or telegram (it comes in two styles!) is personally addressed to them and even postmarked with the year of their birth. It hangs beautifully on the tree until they are old enough to read it and then it really comes into its own.

I can’t tell you how much it meant to my own child when he read his letter from Father Christmas for the very first time and understood it. He clutched it to his chest, beamed from ear to ear and yelled at the top of his lungs “thank you Father Christmas, I love you too!” Job. Done. I may have had a little something in my eye at that point.

Baby's first Christmas ornament personalised

He knew that this benevolent magical figure in his life had been there from the very beginning, and here was the proof. Carved in wood (well laser engraved to get technical), with official letterhead stylings and strung with a gorgeous red Christmassy ribbon. It looked exactly like every concept of Christmas that existed in his five year old head.

Zoom forward six years and we decorate the tree together every year, just one of many traditions that we enjoy, and it’s the first decoration he looks for and wants to place on the tree himself. It conveniently also nudges him to put pen to paper and write to Santa once again and send his letter by chimney post! Every year I wonder how long this magic will last. And every year I wish for at least one more year please. Here’s hoping Santa grants my wish again this Christmas. xxx

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