Remembering Moments That Matter With Personalised Bus Blinds

April 17, 2019

personalised destination print by Betsy Benn

Personalised destination prints or bus blinds have become exceedingly popular in recent years with them making appearances in our kitchen spaces, living rooms, bedrooms and even bathrooms. We have created quite the trend for them, designing and making them from our small studio in Cheltenham since 2010! What makes them so cool and so meaningful is the bespoke nature and being able to capture particular places, dates and times. It all adds up to an artwork that is both beautifully stylish and sentimental.

They have quite the history too, you can learn more about the history of bus blinds and their journey on how they became one of the coolest and trendiest artwork pieces we know of.

The Different Types of Bus Blinds

Single destination bus blind prints – This type of bus blind features a single place or special destination. This could be your home city, home town, or a place that you treasure and love. Maybe something amazing happened there such as time spent at a university, a proposal or even a wedding.

single destination bus blind print in gold

Multiple destination bus blind prints – It’s in the name - you can list multiple locations which you feel are worthy of being on a print, framed on your wall! This personalised print is an ideal way to track a year of fun or a lifetime of adventures.

personalised destination bus blind print

Metallic and Wooden Destinations – The evolution of the digitally printed bus blind, now available in several metallic finishes or in a wooden plaque. These beautiful engraved items are extremely popular for wedding anniversary gifts with wood being a traditional gift for 5 years of marriage and copper (7yrs), tin/aluminium (10yrs), steel (11yrs), silver (25yrs) and gold (50yrs) all being possible with the metallic finishes. Betsy Benn is the only company in the world creating these meaningful and heartfelt personalised prints in such a range of finishes.

metallic bus destination blindwooden destination blind

Bespoke Destination bus blind canvases – the closest reproduction to the original form and nature of the bus blinds from the original buses. For a statement piece of art that has a real wow factor our bespoke canvases are just the (bus) ticket.

Capture Your Favourite Locations

You don’t have to be a traveller to have at least a few favourite location spots or destinations. Whether it’s your favourite town, a beautiful city you visited and explored with a best friend or even a holiday with a significant other where all you did for a full week was sunbathe, drink cocktails and eat too much. A personalised bus blind does what it says in the title, literally! You can personalise your artwork with the places that are most important to you and show them off. They are a great conversation starter too so, pop the kettle on, everyone will have questions.  Here are some ideas when it comes to personalising your own bus blind destination print.

For a friend – if you’re looking for an imaginative gift that captures your friendship, rather than simply list all the places you’ve visited together you could paint a picture of your friendship from the very beginning. You can do this by telling the story in chronological order listing places, events, hangouts and funny memories. For example, you could start off by listing your home city, followed by adventures you’ve experienced together, a specific date or time from an event that you feel was extraordinary and worth remembering, and you can finish the print off with both of your names.

For a love – being transported back to the first moment you fell in love is always a winner. A cheesy winner, but a good one at that. Many hopeless romantics personalise with the exact date so they can celebrate it but what could be more romantic than knowing every little detail? Not just the date but the time, location and the words exchanged. This can all fit on a personalised bus blind and we honestly think there’s nothing better. And why limit it to your own love story? If you know the when, how and why your favourite couple got together you could create the most amazing wedding gift for them.

For family – one of the very best stories to tell is the story of your family. From family trips to far flung destinations (or nearby ones) to your favourite restaurants and weekend hang out spots. Capture the essence of daily life and the fun you share together.

Design Your Story

You can create a bus blind to reflect any story for any person, couple or family. We take all the meaningful and special places and design an artwork that’s completely unique to you. It can sometimes be mind boggling to know where to begin, what to include and what to leave out. We recommend starting with three or four big parts of someone’s story and maybe build chronologically from there. If you’d like any help at all, some advice or just a chat about the details, feel free to give us a call and one of the team can talk you through it and help with some suggestions.

Below we’ve handpicked some of our favourite bus blinds that you can personalise. Take a look and get your creative side to say hello!

Our Top Picks For Personalised Bus Blinds

The Destination Bus Blind Canvas

canvas bus blind
new baby bus blind

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