The Betsy Benn Personalised Print Process of Perfection

December 03, 2014

The Betsy Benn Personalised Print Process of Perfection

We love our prints, we think they're funky!

Since the very first days of Betsy Benn way back in the cold and snowy winter of 2010 (nearly five years ago now!!) I've been creating and designing more and more lovely things and we've kept on growing and getting busier every year. I've been extremely fortunate that you, my lovely and incredibly clever customers, like what we do and keep returning and that some of you must tell your friends as well! Our very own "story of us" hasn't really changed very much in those five years. We've moved offices (twice) as we've got bigger, we have more Betsy's who help me design and create and make the beautiful prints and gifts we sell, and we eat more brownies and slurp more hot chocolate as a result. But the essence of what Betsy Benn is and does hasn't really changed, and I think that's a good thing. If you order a personalised print from us at Betsy Benn, we don't wave a magic wand. We don't have a whizzy thingamajig that "designs" your print as you type your life and memories into the computer screen that then gets automatically printed and posted without anyone looking at it. We have something that we think is more important, and that something makes your print or gift special to us as well. We have our lovely people who work here at Betsy Benn. Our personalised prints and gifts are created the same way we've always done them (just with more Betsy's!). Each personalised order is received and a designer makes a decision about what looks and fits best. Simples! This means that when something leaves here on its way to you we know it's been created with your approval and our design and material quality.   


The Betsy Benn Personalised Print Process of Perfection.

Step 1
We receive the lovely news that someone (possibly you) has placed an order. They ensure the required number of digestives are in stock.
Step 2
One of our brilliant graphic designers picks up the order and then checks all the details are present and correct. They will contact you with any queries.
Step 3
Our designer creates your design 'proof' and it's sent back to you to check, change your mind, have a cup of tea, check again, change your mind again and then let us know what you'd like us to do - print or make changes.
Step 4
Repeat step 3 until you are happy. We reserve the right to order more supplies of digestives, brownies or chocolate if any of these run low during step 3. It has no effect on the brilliance of your print, but it keeps us happy.
Step 5
Having agreed that you are happy with the design of your choosing and the way we've designed it we ask another Betsy (probably one of the brilliant Rachel Betsy's) to create your/our design using only the best materials available to us. This process may also involve the consumption of confectionery.
Step 6
Your perfect print or present is carefully rolled and/or wrapped and/or safely placed in a protective cardboard tube or box for our very lovely courier or postie to come and collect it from Betsy Benn towers in Cheltenham.
Step 7
You receive your item and hopefully are so happy with the finished result that you email us, call us or even better, leave a review on the website. Then you could always tell all of your friends and their friends via telegram, carrier pigeon or telephone or even through word of mouth about how brilliant and beautiful your purchase is. Or even better you could use the miracle mediums of technology that are email and Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest and all of the other social sites to tell the world about a cake and baked goods obsessive company that creates the most ingenious personalised prints and unique gifts and whose customer service is brilliant and whose products are perfection and whose name is Betsy Benn.
Step 8
If your Betsy Benn purchase was for you and you alone, then, apart from basking in the warmth of the compliments of friends and family who see your print / gift when they visit, you can ignore this step. If your Betsy Benn purchase was for a loved one, a close friend, a family member, a complete stranger or the person who delivers your confectionery supplies, then Step 8 is the most important step. Step 8 is the giving of the gift and capturing the look of joy and gratitude on the recipients face as a treasured memory for ever. Your work here is done. So, if you want to order a personalised print or a unique gift, a personalised letter from Santa tag, pick up some Christmas cards or fancy a lovely mug or even a tea towel, then you can do so in the knowledge that we've created your choice with the same care and attention to detail and personal touch that we would expect if we were buying something ourselves. If we didn't do this, then we would know that the laws of biscuit dunkability karma state our hob knobs will always break and sink to the bottom of the hot chocolate with nary a tea spoon in sight. No one could or should live with that kind of pressure. So, we wish you, and anyone lucky enough to receive a Betsy Benn created Christmas gift, glad tidings of the season! Although we love Christmas with all our heart, we'll have to resist the temptation to indulge in the Christmas spirit ourselves until after we close the doors on last posting day! We wish you a merry Christmas and a very happy and peaceful new year. Betsy xx [caption id="attachment_683" align="alignleft" width="225" class=" "]Betsy Benn Meets Monty the Penguin Betsy Benn meets Monty the Penguin[/caption]

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