The Magic Of Personalised Prints

August 18, 2017

The Magic Of Personalised Prints

We really pondered how best to approach this blog post. I mean, we know that we design and make the best personalised prints in the UK (probably the galaxy actually) but we’ve got that proper British humility going on and don’t normally love blowing our own trumpet. But there’s also that knowledge that unless we tell you all about it, how will you know?

And, although we were one of the first companies in the UK to offer such a wide range of awesome personalised prints, lots of others have sprung up in the meantime and we’ve noticed quite a few differences in the way we go about this business of making something beautiful for you. So, trumpets at the ready – because we think you deserve to know all about it.

Betsy Benn's Original Designs

All of the prints on our website have been designed just by us and just for us. We have our own website (you’re on it now!) and storefronts on, EtsyHard to Find in Australia and a small selection on Houzz and that is it! So if you happen to have seen something similar on another website and it doesn’t have a Betsy Benn tagline underneath, then it’s not one of our designs and not an original.

We’re kind of flattered to have seen lots of prints that are similar to ours pop up over the years. Kind of! It reminds us that we created something beautiful and appealing and we’re proud to be style originators, not followers. And we know our totally lovely customers appreciate that too. Thank you for supporting us – it means a lot!

Here's our original Playlist Cassette Print, one of the top sellers on our site. It won best new product on

Real Actual Designers

Wow, this one took us by surprise. There are a few places out there where you can order a "personalised print" but an actual person hasn't designed it for you, it's all been configured by some software. Right here and now we’d like to state that every single one of the 50,000 plus prints that we have created over the years, and all the ones we'll ever create, have been individually worked on by a talented and qualified graphic designer. Not only a brilliant and skilled person in their own rights, but a designer that has then been extensively trained in the Betsy Benn house style so that all our prints over the years will have a cohesive look and feel. Your print will not be designed by a software algorithm that has about as much finesse as a sledge hammer would have on a soft boiled egg.

Yes, an algorithm has the benefit of letting you see an “instant preview” of your print on line, but the limitations are high! If you want to move something around, or make one word a different colour, or give one thing more importance or less, well the algorithm just can’t deal with it. It’s not programmed to. And should you accidentally make a typo or notice something after you have paid that is not quite right, then no matter how quickly you let the algorithm know about this error, it can't be changed, because even the printing process is automated.

The whole thing just sounds a bit, odd, to us. Surely, the reason you are shopping for a personalised print is because you want something that you can have complete input to and make it really meaningful for the recipient. So why would you settle for something that only seems to do half the job?

Luckily, our human designers can do ANYTHING for you (well – for your print anyway!) And we’re really happy to just chat on the phone about it, or try a couple of different variations to see what works best. 

So instead of an “instant preview”, we prefer to email you a proof of our more bespoke prints so you can see exactly how they will look and then make any of the changes that you'd like. Only once you've signed it off do we print and post. We like to think of it as the difference between a supermarket jar of instant coffee and a slow-roasted speciality java made by the barista that knows you at your favourite boutique deli! Essentially, both still qualify as coffee, but we know which one we’d prefer!

Take for example our iconic destination bus blind prints and canvases. Our designers work with you to create exactly the emphasis you want for each special destination. The variation in font sizes between lines and even on each line provides visual interest and a clue as to the importance of each place.

Beautiful Materials

Once you’ve spent time and energy creating a beautiful and personal artwork with one of our designers, you’ll want to have that print made on some beautiful archive quality paper or canvas with some amazingly vibrant inks that won’t fade. And if you want your print framed, then you’d like some solid wood frames – trust us you do (no composite MDF thank you – leave that to Ikea), made by a professional and finished ready to hang. Sound good? Well that’s our standard level of service for every print we make.

We’re always keeping on eye on developments in print technology too and have expanded our range of prints to include wooden and metallic bases on which to create your unique artwork. Our metallic prints are exclusive to us, engraved in stunning gold, silver, copper or bronze substrates and not just foiled.

Exceptional Customer Service

Six years ago we won our first ever award and it's probably the one we cherish the most. The award was for Best Customer Service and it set the bar high from the outset. I hope it's clear that everything we do, from the designs to how we proof to the materials we use, the whole process in fact, has been designed with customer satisfaction in mind.

Need something really quickly? Let us know and if we can accommodate it, we will. Need a duplicate print because the dog thought that postal tube was the 21st Century version of a stick? We keep all our artwork files in a large archive and can reprint and resend most prints for a nominal fee. Need to create something identical to the photographed sample, slightly different, completely different, we're happy to chat about anything and everything.

We want to be proud of everything we send out and we want our customers to absolutely love what they receive, and be the most excited to give a Betsy Benn original as a gift to someone they love. And we want to hear about all those exciting "they loved it" moments. We even set up a little hashtag on Instagram where you can share your Betsy joy at #loveBetsyBenn. More importantly, we also want to hear about any not so lovely moments. Rare as they are, they do happen - the one downfall of using humans instead of algorithms to do everything - but we will do everything in our power to make it better. 

The Betsy Benn Difference

So, that's a short summary of how we know we are different (*whispers* better) from the hundreds of other print designers and makers out there. There are lots of other, quirkier ways too. But the fact that we sing Christmas songs whilst wearing fluffy reindeer antlers and elf ears from about mid-September (and actually really like it) might not be quite so relevant. Hopefully, you've liked what you've seen and are ready to give us a try. If you've any more questions, drop us an email on or give us a call on 01242 570731. Let's make something gorgeous together!

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