Bespoke Wooden Flower Bouquet Gift

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A beautiful bouquet of your favourite wooden flowers makes a stunning everlasting gift. Perfect for Mother's Day or just to send a smile.

Create an arrangement of your favourite flowers in this unique wooden flower bouquet. Makes the perfect gift for any occasion where you might also give fresh flowers, but these ones last much longer!

Get seasonal with your arrangement and use the tulips and daffodils for an Easter table decoration, or the roses and sunflowers to create a bright summer scheme.

Your flowers are given a watercolour wash to create the perfect artistic finish and then printed directly onto 6mm poplar ply. The bouquet comes with its own oval base to allow the stems to stand freely on a table or shelf. Alternatively, you can style in vases or pots as you would fresh flowers. For best results use tissue paper in the vase (an eco-friendly alternative to florists oasis) to give your arrangement some structure.

Choose the flowers and foliage you love to create a unique everlasting bouquet.

If you choose two flowers the same, for example, two pink roses, please note these will not be the exact same flower. We have five different flowers in each type and will mix them up!

made from

Our wooden flowers are made from sustainable poplar plywood.

Each flower is unique but range in height from 22-29cm

the Betsy Benn team:

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