Our Family In A Box Letterbox Gift

Betsy Benn

£30.00 GBP

Specifiy the heights for each of your people from the diagram in the images. specify from a-p, we can not use measurements in cm or feet.
e.g The Williams Family 2020 (in a box)

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If you can’t get together with the family at Christmas this year, send a mini stand in! Small wooden versions of your whole family!

We’ll use your photographs and make gorgeous mini wooden versions of you to post to your loved ones.

Imagine the fun to be had, positioning your mini wooden substitutes next to the gravy boat at the Christmas dinner table, standing next to the biscuits with a morning cup of tea, or thoughtfully posed in the background of a selfie?! Imagine the Instagram opportunities!

How to order :

We just need a full-length photo for each person that you want to include. From the top of their head to the bottom of their feet. And honestly, it might save you hours of scrolling time if you take new photos on your phone just for this.

The very best images:

  • Include the whole person on their own - with nothing “bumping” into the person like a plant, a pet or another person!
  • Have a little bit of an interesting pose. We’re not looking for flying superman poses here but maybe hands on hips or something.
  • Have enough light on the face to see your dazzling smile!
  • Include something colourful in your outfit. It’s a full-colour representation of you, tutus are encouraged!
  • Are in focus and high resolution.

If we have any concerns about the image we’ll let you know but if you follow the above guidelines you should be on to a winner.

Please send your images to rachel@betsybenn.co.uk quoting your order number.

Who would love this?

Everybody! If you would normally visit someone and can’t this year, send your wooden substitutes. If it’s not your turn to have your kids this Christmas, make mini versions of them and have fun taking photos of them on your Christmas Day that you can share with them later. If the grandparents are missing the grandkids, these would bring a smile to their faces until you can get together again.


made from:

Our mini family in a box is made totally in house in our studio in Cheltenham. From the photos you provide, we digitally enhance your images and print them directly on to a gorgeous cherry wood veneer that is a sturdy 6mm thick. We then cut each individual out on our lovely laser machines. We add a tab by the feet so each figure can stand in its own circular base. To make the set even more special we also personalise the front of the box with your family name.


The wood we use is 6mm thick so your mini-figures will feel substantial. The maximum height for the tallest person is 130mm. We’ve provided a good range of sizes for you to choose from so that the approximate heights of your family can be represented. It’s not an exact science but it works well and means you don’t have to get the tape measure out for everyone!

The box measures 14x14x2cm.