Cetus Whale Constellation Wooden Christmas Decoration

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A unique astrological Christmas decoration featuring a constellation of the stars and celestial bodies of Cetus the Whale. Engraved on cherry wood.

Dreaming of a star filled Christmas? We adore adding Christmas touches to our home throughout December and these constellation inspired wooden Christmas decorations add a beautiful festive feel. Hang on table centres, fireplaces, door knobs, kitchen cupboards and Christmas trees.

The constellation of Cetus the Whale is the fourth largest constellation in the sky and was first catalogued by Ptolemy in the 2nd Century. Rather fittingly, Cetus sits in an area of the sky known as the "water" along with other constellations with a watery theme including Aquarius and Pisces. The stars of Cetus are faithfully recreated in this gorgeous Christmas decoration.

Create a whole night sky of constellations by adding more from our constellation collection which includes Monocerous the Unicorn, Lupus the Wolf and Cygnus the Swan among others.

made from:

We've sourced an amazing cherry wood in the UK for this special Christmas tree decoration. It's finished with a satin white ribbon for hanging.


6cm x 11cm