Moon Christmas Ornament

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If you want to add some lunar inspired silver glow to your Christmas tree this year, our new moon Christmas tree ornament is perfect.

Whether your welcoming a new baby or a new member to the family, or just want to honour all your family members each year, this special Christmas decoration is perfect. 

We took inspiration from NASA and used one of their photographs of the surface of the Moon to engrave the markings on this beautiful decoration. A stunning combination of a silvery metallic half moon, and some totally gorgeous wood makes this a unique Christmas ornament for your tree.

The wooden base of the Christmas tree decoration is engraved with the name and year and a hint of a star-filled constellation. Strung with a white satin ribbon, it makes a wonderful festive addition to your tree and a beautiful keepsake for years to come. 

We've sourced two amazing woods for this special Christmas tree decoration. Our cedar wood veneer has a soft and herby fragrance and a beautiful patination and is lighter in colour so the name engraving shows very clearly. The darker wood is a cool toned American walnut veneer. The engraving is more subtle, but the difference between the dark wood and the bright light metallics is greater. 


7.5cm round approximately