Santa And Reindeer Hanging Advent Calendar

£12.00 GBP

A beautiful, Kraft paper advent calendar featuring 25 shaped and stitched pockets of Santa and his Reindeer flying through stars and clouds. A magical countdown to Christmas guaranteed to look stunning and delight the family. 

We had such fun designing this fun and eye-catching advent calendar. It started with Betsy getting busy with her watercolours and painting a dark blue inky pattern. We then used this to fill in our five reindeer and Santa in his sleigh, printing them on to thick textured white Kraft paper. The remaining pockets are formed as clouds or stars and when all hung together it gives the impression of Santa and his trusty stags flying through the sky with a sack full of gifts.

Each shape is individually stitched with white cotton and an opening is left for you to add your Advent treats. Will you add chocolates, jokes, funny little Christmas tasks or tiny gifts such as Lego minifigs or glittery lipgloss? The pockets are quite generous so you can be creative with the kind of treat you want in your daily advent.

Choose how you wish to display this whimsical Advent calendar as each shape is strung separately. We love hanging them all together above a sideboard for example, but each individual shape would also look good adorning a tree!

If you're careful we think you could use this calendar again next year. Or for some imaginative recycling, you could stick each shape onto the front of a blank card and use them as thank you notes after Christmas!


Each shape is approximately 13cm square.


White kraft paper and cotton.


If required