Unicorn Constellation Metallic Christmas Tree Decoration

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Our gorgeous unicorn Christmas decoration features the constellation shape of monocerus in gorgeous silver or bronze metallics. Perfect for unicorn fans everywhere!

Ancient cultures saw patterns in the heavens that resembled people, myths, animals or common objects. Some 88 constellations are universally named and recognised the world over.

Monocerus the unicorn hangs out in the night sky next to Orion and below Gemini and Cancer. The unicorn constellation was first documented in 1612, so whilst unicorns may be very trendy right now, this particular guy has been around for quite some time!

Monocerus contains many clusters and nebulas, most poetically - the Christmas Tree cluster! So our Christmas tree decoration simply couldn't be more fitting.

made from:

Our unicorn Christmas decoration is made from silver or bronze metallic acrylic. The constellation pattern is engraved on the metallic surface.


9cm x 11cm approx