Velvet Pet Paw Print Personalised Cushion

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A beautiful velvet cushion personalised with your furry friend’s pawprints. The perfect gift for all animal lovers. Our Velvet Pet Paw Print Personalised Cushion may well be the best gift ever for your feline or canine friends, or their owners! Other animals may also be used as long as they have paws (we might stretch to claws)!

From canine companions to feline friend, our pets leave pawprints on our hearts forever and sometimes all over the furniture too, but how could you stay mad at that little face? Cherish those special memories with your pet on a sumptuous velvet cushion, designed to feature your pet’s very own pawprints.

Now comes the tricky part – how to obtain a beautiful image of those little toe beans? Please try to use black or dark-coloured paint and when you have your prints (well done! Have a cup of tea), either take a "top down" photograph or scan it and then send it to us as an attachment.

The velvet cushions are made to order using the image you send us of your pet’s pawprints and the design features their prints scattered along the bottom corner of the cushion.

The pawprint velvet cushion is available in a range of stunning shades to suit all décor and styles, a truly unique keepsake.

Who would love this?

Our pet pawprint cushion makes an ideal gift for the crazy cat lady or mother of dogs in your life. Or perhaps you’re looking for a special birthday or Christmas treat for your pet, they make a lovely addition to their basket which has their very own stamp on it.

made from:

These velvet cushions are made from velvet polyester with a feather cushion pad.

Choose from a variety of gorgeous shades to suit your decor. The design will be more or less striking in different lights and depends on the nap of the fabric. We have carefully chosen shades of velvet to show the intricate details to their best and will always smooth the velvet before we start.


Our pet pawprint cushions measure 35 x 50 cm.

the Betsy Benn team:

Tucked away in beautiful Cheltenham, the team at Betsy Benn is made up of four creative women, all mums, and all pet mums, too. We love nothing more than turning your unique stories into unusual gifts and artwork that you can treasure forever. Oh, and cake. We also love cake.