Watercolour Penguin & Stars Gift Tags & Bunting Download - donation to Trussell Trust

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A gorgeous print at home set of penguin gift tags and penguin and star bunting. Download now for a brilliant afternoon of crafting. Includes a donation to The Trussell Trust.

This downloadable set will knock your socks off. But put them on again sharpish, it's (ant)arctic around here!

Based on the beautiful watercolours of penguins and stars that our very own Betsy created, this set includes:

- two stars for the bunting

- one penguin for the bunting

- one sheet of nine penguin gift tags

Print and cut as many as you like to create bunting, parcel tags, gift tags, anything you like. On the bunting sheet, the penguins and stars have a mirror image twin so you can make your bunting double-sided if you wish.

You just need an A4 colour printer to print these sheets at home. When we made our samples we just used matte heavy-weight printer paper and they were perfect, you don't have to print them on card.

Where will your imagination take you on this wintery make?

For each £2 set purchased, Betsy Benn will make a donation of £1 to The Trussell Trust. The Trust supports a nationwide network of food banks and provides emergency food and support to people locked in poverty. They campaign for change to end the need for food banks in the UK. As a company, Betsy Benn decided to support the Trussell Trust with this initiative. As we write (October 2022) the headlines are full of stories about the cost of living crisis, fuel poverty, and the "heat or eat" dilemma many will face. In our own small way, and with your support, we hope we can make a tiny difference.